2008-11-05 в 10:50 

Cogito, ergo sum
Как прочитала Bush, так сразу смеятся, перевела "Куст, вы уволены!"

2008-11-05 в 17:44 

na7tiu6ka хахахах в америке только один куст. и он уволен. хаха)))
здесь в торонто вчера все праздновали это!! в америке вообще творится что-то сумасшедшее. я смотрела прямую трансляцию. там чуть ли ни в каждом городе, все население повылезало на центральные площади и болели за своих кандидатов.. а потом когда обама, там постоянно черных показывали, и они плакали, многие...

2008-11-15 в 23:38 

woop woop!
its time for change

2008-11-16 в 03:50 

velore. cant believe US got a black president:laugh:

2008-11-20 в 15:47 

im so glad they do. cus wot the hell? does the skin colour really make a differene??
jst hope he wont get shot

2008-11-20 в 16:07 

velore. yeh i know, that would suck =( and no, i dont get it why people make such a big drama cuz of the skin colour. like wtf? we're living in 21st century..

2008-11-20 в 16:48 

21st century indeed.
people need to get over that.
shud have done a while ago

2008-11-20 в 16:49 

omg...i love ur icon lmao
"u're a douchebag" :lol:

2008-11-21 в 02:35 

bahahahha yeeaah
and the other one with the whore is cute too ^_^

2008-11-22 в 23:50 

proud owner of small tits is hillarious

2008-11-23 в 03:17 

well.. thats true =) although i somehow managed to switch from 32A to 34B.. ftw. even though i clearly feel that my tits are now even smaller than they were a year ago... mmm well, maybe la senza is just weird

2008-11-24 в 17:31 

yeh....mine are a full they used to be tiny when i was younger...waaah...i swear they only grew like in the past year lol
aaah i hate la senza....i think their underwear is shit quality and they rip off shit loads of money for it...when u can jst get nice lengerie from like ....i dunno...topshop or something
the only lengerie im willing to splash out loads of money on is elle mc pherson's range :)


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