sucks... i just realized that i dont have any warm clothes to wear today.
5°C outside.

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2008-10-06 в 23:25 

5 degrees?!? maaan

2008-10-07 в 00:16 

velore. yeeeh winter is coming!! hell, all my clothes are packed cuz we just moved on saturday, and i didnt get a chance to sort out my shit..

2008-10-07 в 17:59 

i fckn hate winter...altho i love wrapping up in scarves and gloves and hats...being all cosy...sipping on starbucks hot choco.
moved eh? hows the new place then?

2008-10-08 в 01:29 

velore. my new apt looks almost exaaactly like my old one, same configuration, except its like stretched. its just huuge. it takes me forever to get from kitchen to my room :laugh: and considering the fact that our stuff is still packed, im running back n forth, trying to find shit. pretty pathetic.. im also late to school everyday cuz i havent figured out how much time it takes to get there.
but overall im pretty happy that we moved. i finally have my own room... and privacy:D yayy!
yeh, winter sucks :( i dont find anything good about it at all. im just getting derpessed all the time and always have fluuu :(
autumn is ok tho. and spring is my fave season of all time <3
so how iz you doing? school/work?

2008-10-14 в 00:23 

oh maaan...at least got a huge flat...so thats good innit
omg..wait...have u had to change schools?
aw babe....of course i prefer summer haha but u have to stay positive about the winter :)
try and find some good aspects of it? somehow....
yeh...im arite. college's stressin me out atm,cus im applying to uni, and doing my courseworks and trying to write a personal statemnt and shit...
just soooooo much on my mind.
work's just crap as always lol

2008-10-14 в 00:24 

at least u got*

2008-10-14 в 03:52 

velore. hey summer is back again! :D it was like 25 degrees outside this weekend!
no i didnt change my school. the one that im going to is still relatively close to my place, and i've met a bunch of people from my school, who live in this area.. so that should be fine.
yes, im so stressed out too.. cant wait till im done with this stupid school =((((( my friends say uni is much more fun

2008-10-14 в 17:36 

obvs uni is more fun!
its bound to be!!!
maaann....cant wait to move to london and just have my own place
so like how long have u got of school left?

2008-10-15 в 00:17 

velore. i havent decided if i wanna stay for another semester.. depends on my grades. i may finish this semester, or next one..
i'd looove to live in london =) my ex-boyfriend studies at cambridge.. so we used to dream about living in uk together. but oh well.. didnt happen! lol

2008-10-17 в 20:49 

oh...so u havent got long at all then? bet ure glad...i wud be
yeeeee.....i just cant wait to live on my own!!!!!
just to get the fuck away from my parents...cus im sooo fed up with this shit. urgh

2008-10-17 в 22:58 

velore. i would def love to live by myself.. i just dont think i'd be able to. are they gunna give you money to pay for rent and stuff?

2008-10-19 в 23:22 

no. im taking out a student loan. thats wot every one here does.
plus i work part time
they dont ever give me any money. i work for my own money atm.
fucking parents!!!!!

2008-10-20 в 04:10 

aww hunny that sucks =( not at all? but thats what parents are for! at least first 18 years haha... how old are you again?

2008-10-20 в 12:17 

and thats the thing.
im only 17. not 25 :susp:

2008-10-20 в 16:03 

when are u 18?

2008-10-20 в 20:39 

im only little lol

2008-10-20 в 23:46 

velore. awwe ^_^

2008-10-26 в 00:40 



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